Meet Our Team

Delilah McNamara

Hello, my name is Delilah, I am the Charity Manager. My role started in October 2021. Before this, I was a volunteer at Bierley Community Centre for six years. I have lived in Bierley for 20 years and in BD4 most of my life. I am passionate about community involvement and sustainability which is why I studied BA – Hons degree in Community Development and regeneration. I graduated from The University of Bradford in 2011. I am proud of the team I work with, who are truly amazing individuals, and every day they achieve great things in our community. The team and I started our journey together intending to bring Bierley Community Centre back into the heart of the estate after the impact of the Global Pandemic. We have exciting plans moving forward and will adapt the center's programs, services, and activities to meet the ever-evolving changes that come our way. As a team, we have a vested interest in the success of the Community Centre because it serves the community we live in. My hobbies are spending time at the coast and socializing with family and friends. Horse riding, motor biking, mountain climbing, and meditation. Every day I feel blessed to be surrounded by many beautiful caring people.

Jolene Brogden

Hi, my name is Jolene, My role is to oversee the day-to-day running of the centre. I am the point of contact for BCA staff volunteers and the local community. It is my role to listen to BCA beneficiaries and implement sessions that meet the community's needs.

Sinead Daniels

Hello, my name is Sinead, I live in Bierley with my family, I am a mother and a motivator. I am employed as a support worker at Bierley Community Centre.

A bit about myself My hobbies are spending time with my children and family and socializing with family and friends.

Meet Our Volunteers