About Us

Bierley Community Association Ltd. (registered charity no. 1137347) was established in 2010 with the focus of transforming the local community building into a thriving asset that would help grow a stronger sense of community on the heavily deprived estate of Bierley in south Bradford.Previously, the council run building was largely unknown and underused by the majority of residents. 

From the beginning our intention was to increase engagement and encourage residents to help shape the building and its programmes to suit their needs and interests. We continue with this mission through our annual consultation process and an open invitation for feedback and ideas about our programmes and support.Over the years, we’ve established set community programmes to focus the support we offer particular sections of our community. 

This includes the OPAL programme, providing support and social opportunities for the older members of our community. Next, we established C.A.T.C.H to consolidate the local youth provision into a more consistent and relationship focussed programme. Most recently we have launched our HOME programme, which aims to improve home and family life through a range of support, group activities and training opportunities.